Dedicated to the Representation of the Injured
                Dedicated to the                       Representation of the Injured

Car Accidents and Auto Accidents

Connectictut law entitles you to fair, just and reasonable compensation for injuries you have suffered which are caused by somebody else.  Today, driving is as dangerous as ever.  It is commonplace to see people texting or talking on cell phones while they drive.  It is a fact that people drive distracted.  This is leading to severe accidents, and sometimes trajedy.


Connecticut injury law entitles an injured person to compensation for medical bills that are incurred, lost wages, and pain and suffereing,  Connecticut law recognizes that amongst the greatest losses a person can suffer from an accident is the inability to continue to participate in those activities that bring life joy.  Our goal is to make you whole for all the harms and losses you suffer.


Our office is located conveniently near the courthouse in Hartford.  We are adjacent to the Connecticut Supreme Court, and a short walk to the Civil Courthouse in Hartford, known as the Superior Court.

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